Thursday, March 29, 2012

"How Do I Keep My Keywords and Collections When Updating from Adobe Bridge CS5 to CS6 (or When Migrating or Moving Between Other Versions)?"

You'd think that Adobe would do this for you automatically, wouldn't you. I mean, can they really think you'd want to leave all keywords and collections behind when updating?

But this is Adobe, and user convenience is not their strong point. So here's how to take care of it yourself on the Mac.

1. Install the new version of Bridge.

2. In your home directory -- not the computer's root directory -- go to Library > Application Support > Adobe > Bridge CS5.

3. From that directory, drag the following to the adjacent Bridge CS6 directory: the file Adobe Bridge Keywords.xml and the directory Collections. To instead move copies while leaving the originals in place, hold down Option while dragging.

That's it! Your keywords and collections will now be available in CS6. You can use the same method to move keywords and collections between other Bridge versions as well, and you might also find other settings you want to move. I'm told, though, that it doesn't work with Workspaces.

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